Carnival Fantasia

Marana Scarlet is coming....what will you do? .....What will you do?


2. The Guardian

Micajah, also known as Cage, Stood looking over the Country side like an immovable obelisk, his form was tall and broad, a real giant of a man, every part of his body solid muscle. His Dark, almost black, violet hair blew with the gentle wind as well as his eight foot long scarf, that was wrapped around his mouth, neck and shoulders with plenty still free to dangle. 

Cage wore his full set of armour that had lost it's shine and is full of chinks and scratches, the chain mail underneath had cuts in more than one place and one or two buckles were broken, despite all that he still looked formidable as if he's win the contest between the Unstoppable object and the immovable object. 

Across is back were Two Two-Handed Double Edged Claymores, five foot in length, not including the handles that are big enough for three hands, the Sword on his left is made of pure silver and the other Steel. Both Weapons had different purposes but still involved the killing of something.

Cage's Violet eyes scanned the Country side in all it's greenly splendour, there was not a single cloud in the pure blue sky, this allowed him to see for miles all around. He grumbled in annoyance. He was looking for someone someone he had sworn to protect and currently had lost sight of that person, he bite his lip hard, his heart pounded with anxiety. Although a hardened man who had been through many wars in so few years he could not bare the thought of something bad happening .... To Her .... He had to find her and he had to find her now. 

-Were are you?-   
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