Carnival Fantasia

Marana Scarlet is coming....what will you do? .....What will you do?


5. Soul Bound

Cage beheaded the Ranger in one clean stroke. 

"Micajah", breathed Marana. Her face brightened up, pleased to meet him.  

Cage's gaze was venomous, deathly even, "You fool!" he barked striding up to her, reaching out he took hold of her collar and lifted her off her feet and up to his face, his sword weighed more, "You could have killed Violet! Don't ever walk away from me again!" 

Marana smirked her usual crocked grin, not bothered at all that she was dangling. "Do my'n  ears deceive me, are you worried about little old me, I'm so touched". 

Cage snarled, "I'm not worried about you! You can rot for all I care but so long as you are in my sisters body, I will not let any harm come to her". He leaned his head in closer, "Don't you ever put my sisters body in harms way again!" He lowered her to the floor. She brushed herself down, "Now come on, the quicker we get to Carnival Fantasia the better". He began to walk off. 

"Until then, we're soul bound". She whispered darkly.    
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