Carnival Fantasia

Marana Scarlet is coming....what will you do? .....What will you do?


7. Rolling Countryside

Cage's armour clunked heavily as he strolled along the gravel path that cut across the country side, his eyes scanned the vast view for humans, beasts and as unlikely as it sounded, undead because who knew what was going to try and assassinate Marana. It puzzled Cage on how one person could be hated so much, then he remembered she had taken over Violets body and he hated her for it. He turned his head to see the person he hated most. 

Marana had fallen behind and was struggling to keep up, her little legs, compared to Cages long, thick, muscle, battle hardened legs and long strides, she could not keep up and had to run beside him. Her eyes squinted. "What are you looking at?" Wordlessly Cage walked up to her and without any consent lifted her up by her armpits. "What are you doing?" she said displeased with being manhandled like some child's toy, compared to Cage she was. She stared back down at him with sharp eyes. "I don't like being picked up". 

"Your too slow", he then sat her on his left shoulder and used his head and shoulder to balance her, he then continued to walk on. Cage could feel her uneasiness, the way she gripped his scarf and shook a little, "You scared of hight's Marana?" 

"N-no", she stuttered then scowled at his grin. "Why are you carrying me anyway? I never asked for your assistance". 

"You didn't have to ask because even had you said no I would have gone ahead with it, so just deal with it, also if you'ed take a look behind us you'll find everywhere you've trodden the ground has turned black, so you tell me how were not supposed to be followed when all they have to do is follow the clearly marked dead road?"

Marana snorted, "I cannot help who I am, I rejected the world and it has rejected me so like you just said, deal with it". They fell silent after that and continued down the road. Marana couldn't take the uneasy silence and pipped up. "Won't you get tired with carrying me like this". 

"You weigh less than my sword besides I'm used to carrying my sister like this, whenever I was on leave I'd carry her through the woods, those sure were the days". 

"How sentimental", she said sarcastically, "I find it hard to see you as the gentle type considering...."

"Considering?" he edged her to go on. 

"Never-mind, just keep your eyes on the road, it's a long way to fall from up here"

Cage belted a laugh, "You are afraid of hight's, I never thought you the type considering how, arrogant and powerful you are". 

"I may be powerful but I'm just as every bit fragile now that i'm in this body, my old body was much sturdier", she gazed down at herself in disgust, "now I'm underdeveloped and frail I mean look at these", she groped at her flat chest, "Not even a bump, my old body had an impressive rack that would turn men dizzy". 

Cage sighed rolling his eyes, "Thats my sisters body your talking about. If my sisters body doesn't suite your needs. which I will remind you, you stole. Why didn't you just choose someone else? make it someone else's problem instead of mine. This is why when people die their not supposed to come back". 

"I didn't choose this body it was the closest knew born to my body when I was killed, my soul just went to it like a moth to flame and there I manifested until I awoke", then she added, "only I awoke early".

Cage sighed recalling that day, that dreaded day.

 He gazed off to the west and noticed tat the day was coming to an end and as the sun hid behind tomorrows clouds, a chilliness fluttered along with the wind. Soon it would be too dark to walk, out here it can get pitch black and then who knows what you might stumble over. With that in mind Cage looked for somewhere to rest.    
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