Carnival Fantasia

Marana Scarlet is coming....what will you do? .....What will you do?


8. He Remembers

Cage and Marana took shelter for the night underneath the shade of a huge tree. He threw down a bed roll so she wouldn't kill the tree by her touch whilst he tucked himself between between the v of two roots. 

It wasn't long before darkness blinded him so much that he couldn't even see his own hand in front of his face. 

Even though blind by the darkness, he could sense Marana, feel her thick Ora, he could hear he faint breathing, hear her shivering because of the cold, "If she didn't dress like a whore then this wouldn't be a problem", he thought angrily. If anything Cage was more comfortable in the dark than during the day, he felt as if his senses were more in tune.   

As sleep cradled him in her soft warm bosom he saw the lush golden fields of the Barrow, his home land. 

He remembered carrying his sister through the forest on his shoulder. 

He remembered them both splashing in the water and searching for newts. 

He remembered the last feast he had with his entire family, everyone was there, parents, siblings, grandfathers and grandmothers and their parents, uncles and Aunts and their children.    

Everything was so blissfully peaceful in the Barrow, as it were tucked away surrounded on three sides by mountains. Compared to up north on the borderline were it was always battle. 

He remembered the sounds of blade against blade, blade against steel, blade against flesh. 

He remembered cutting down a man. 

He remembered that hollow look in the warriors eyes as he kneeled over in agony and died. 

He remembered the un-notching of arrows in their thousands. That rained down in unavoidable number, falling thousands. 

He remembered the catapults slinging balls of fire. That crushed into the ranks of the enemy soldiers.

He remembered the crying of much much much suffering.... Suffering he had coursed even if it were a small amount compared to the grand scale. 

His scars will never heal....the memories will never fade....

"Marana?" he whispered. 


For once he was glad to hear her voice, even though he knew she was their. "Do you regret anything you've ever done?" 



"Because you cannot change what you have done"

"Is that all you have to say?" 

"You sound like I didn't say the thing you wanted to hear, I gave you my opinion and thats it, well, if it makes you feel any better how about this. When you get down to it we're just human and making mistakes is what makes us us. You shouldn't try to make amends. You shouldn't try to forget. Instead embrace the past and learn from it because without the past you wouldn't be the person you are today".    

Cage fell silent and when he opened his eyes it was daylight. 
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