Carnival Fantasia

Marana Scarlet is coming....what will you do? .....What will you do?


3. Forest Rangers

Marana Waltzed through the forest without a care in the world, treading evil and death along with her. The very ground turned cold with which she stepped. Plants withered into grey dust particles. Tree branches snapped themselves free to give her passage and to prevent it's self from dying. Brushing her hand against a tree trunk, the bark fell of were she touched, the tree creaked like a human in agony as every leaf turned to ash.

Birds took flight fleeing as far away as they could. 

Insects crawled away but died if she stepped more than a few meters away. 

Her presence brought about a chilliness as if winter was stalking her. 

The Forest Rangers could feel her coming, they need not look for who else could it be. Each one hid behind thick trees and under bushes, armed to the teeth with armour and weapons all under camouflaged cloak and cowl. Even with so many an un-easiness hung over them like a thick black rain cloud.

Ivan Vanguard watched from under thick bushes, he could see her clearly now, the girl who dresses in blood red clothes. 

This was his target? 

A little girl?

There had to be a mistake but who else had that ominous Ora of death. 

The people that hired them had said whatever form that evil has taken do not hold back, strike swift and quickly for you will not get a second chance. 

Ivan shock his head and sighed, this was silly, he wasn't going to kill an innocent Child without knowing for curtain that it was his true target. Holding up his fist and whistling a bird song, every Ranger stood down.
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