Carnival Fantasia

Marana Scarlet is coming....what will you do? .....What will you do?


4. Death Blows

Ivan Vanguard came out of his vantage point to confront Marana, he fired a warning shot that wised past her face, and stuck in a tree, notching another arrow he ran in front of her and went into a crouch, ready to fire. 

Her face was nonchalant, even after the warning arrow that could have killed her, she didn't even seem angry instead a creepy thin smile cracked across her cute face turning it ugly. A low giggle escaped her. 

Every Ranger heard it as if she were giggling in their ears, right behind them.

The battle hardened Ivan could not look the girl directly in to her thousand, in one, eyes, in fear of loosing his mind. At this moment there was no doubt, this was his target, he had to take her out, all he had to do was let go if the bow string, the arrow would then strike her between the eyes, then she'd be dead.

One of the Rangers heard a twig snap, a rustle of bushes but so fixated on the confrontation that he didn't notice the metal coated arms wrap around his neck slowly.

Ivan couldn't understand why he was faltering. This was his target but it was more than that, this was Marana, the sours off all evil, the bane of the earth, everything was morally and ethnically wrong about her, a person like her does not deserve, no, should not exist in the first place. Wouldn't killing her benefit the world if that were so why was he hesitating? 

Invisible, only figuratively speaking as everyone's attention was forward, the silent killings went on, slowly and un-noticed. 

Marana's presence bore down on him all the hatred, malice, anger, despair, sorrow every emotion hammered down on him like a crushing waterfall, only this water was blood red and just as thick. 

Her eyes glistened as shadows concealed her childish face. Marana was showing her true features in all their terrifying form. 

Ivan couldn't wait any longer, if he wished to live, it had already been a good few minutes since he last breathed, his body, tense as if he'ed done an entire weeks worth of work condensed into a single minuet. Black dots flashed in his eyes any longer and he wouldn't be able to see. 

Fingers as hard as stone Ivan struggled to release his grip on the arrow, it felt as if he were pulling a nail out of a brick. 

There was a cry of agony. 

Then a shout of warning, another cry.

Ivan snapped out of his trance and saw, him. 

A knight dressed in full shoddy, dull, armour. A Two-handed Claymore in his right hand. 

Turning back to his target, completely out of her overwhelming presence. 

His mind was calm and unclogged, he could think. 

His body flexible and light, he could move again. 

The Knight charged, his foot steps like a ragging thunder.

Marana smirked.

The arrow was let loose. 

Ivan had done it, it was all over now, even if he died now, hopefully he'd be remembered as the person he rid the world of Marana Scarlet. 

His Arrow veered to one side, ever so un-naturally.  

He couldn't believe it, he had shot true and of calm mind, taken gravity and wind all into consideration. 

Having past Marana the Arrow veered back on it course. 

As the Colossal Knight over-shadowed him, sword brought as far back it would go. Ivan understood, as there was only one reason why that could have happened. The arrow he shot had rejected Marana, simply put the arrow wished not to be defiled by the impurities of Marana. 

Ivan sniggered in disbelief and suddenly he could see his own feet up close......  
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