Carnival Fantasia

Marana Scarlet is coming....what will you do? .....What will you do?


13. Darkwood Forest Pt 2

Cage, with Marana clinging to his neck, sprinted through the forest like a whirling with blades, he made his own path by cutting down every ghost that got in his way. 

The ghosts swarmed all around reaching out with their cold, dead, arms, just one touch can suck a great amount of life out of a living body. 

"How can one person be hated so much?" Cage growled slashing a ghost with his silver sword to which it's body, a strange blue liquid spewed from the wound and coated his sword. Cage was already moving on. 

"Well I did defile their bodies by turning their corpses into abominations". 

Cage leaped over fallen tree and landed heavily on one knee, ghosts closed in like curtains, the knight crossed his blades into an x, sprung forward and cleaved both blades through them and muscled his way through, hacking and slashing. "I know that but did you have to admit it so bluntly, what did you think would happen? They'ed all just forgive you because you admitted to it?" 

"I regret nothing of my past, their sacrifices we're needed for my ambition, they should be thankful that they were involved in my great plan even if their part was but a tiny cog grand design".

He skidded and turned his body to the closing ghosts and put all his strength into a mighty back swing sweeping them all away, "You make it sound so pleasant to become a twisted freak of nature with no free will". 

"When you put it like that than yes, it does sound unpleasant but that's not the way I saw it". 

Cage snarled, "I swear if you were not in my sisters body I'd throw you to them and help them tear you apart". 

"There's a good chance that might happen anyway if you keep talking to me whilst running". 

Cage snorted and continued battling through the masses, if he just kept moving, if he just kept fighting he could do this, he could get them free of this predicament, "I can do this", he leaped down a banking and slid down the rest of the way, the ghosts flowed down like a tilde wave. The knight dodged around the trees and let his blades lead the way through the army of angry souls.

Violet came to mind, his younger sister. 

He remembered her by the lake. 

Her small fragile existence against the crystal clear waters and the massive monstrous mountains dwarfed by distance. 

He remembered her long lush dark violet hair blowing gently with the wind . 

She would turn to him, gaze up at him and smile. 

It was that smile, that was what he strove so hard for, to see her smile. 

"I can do this", he roared hacking down a ghost. 

Those large black pupils encased in violet irises so full of innocence and purity. 

That was what he fort for.

Cage's battle cry rang through the forest and echoed over the top of the wailing ghosts. 

He fort for Violet so she wouldn't have too. 

The Knight saw the light at the end of the tunnel of tree, "I see it", he charged onwards and the light got brighter and brighter until everything went white. 

His vision cleared.

The grey plains of the Ash and Dust were no life could live stretched out before them both. 

Cage turned around and faced Darkwood. 

The ghosts had stopped their pursuit just on the perimeter. 

The little boy who showed himself first turned his back and disappeared back into the forest, one by one so to the other lost souls turned and disappeared.

"They won't pursue us now," Marana assured dropping herself from his neck and landed on her feet. "They cannot stray too far from the magic of Darkwood as it is the only thing that is keeping them anchored to this world".     

"It's sad," Cage muttered. 

Marana raised an eyebrow. 

"All those angry souls, all of them once had lives and all of them were killed and for what?" Cage gripped his blades and turned to Marana with a dark feral expression that made her step back in fear, "I swear if I find away to kill you without harming my sister". He sheathed his swords to help ease of his intention to kill her. He beaconed her to come closer, picked her up and placed her safely on his shoulder. 

They had cleared the Darkwood forest. 

Now the journey through the plain of Ash and Dust began.  
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