Carnival Fantasia

Marana Scarlet is coming....what will you do? .....What will you do?


11. Caim and Kaine

Dressed in his fine ebony black armour that had a Crome shine, styled to look far western the Hero of Anak waited in the octagon shaped room. The Sanctuary of Elements. he leaned with his back against the wall to face the centra.  
The door next to him opened, he did not look to see who came through he already knew because he recognised the foot steps. A young woman stepped through and took her place next to him. 

Caim opened his eyes, to reveal dark green eyes, and glanced at her. 

She' d done her hair up again and wore the more fashionable cloths of today, although there were a few enhancements such as lower cropped around the breast area and the slit up the skirt showed more of her thai. 

"Waiting for your brother to return?" she asked. Julia Springs is her name and she is second to Kaine the Arch-mage. Caim wasn't the best when it came to people skills but it was quite obvious that there was a hint in her voice that wished Kaine would not return. 

He nodded silently. 

"What makes you think he's still alive, it's been a month since he was last heard from and none of his bodyguards have shown up ether".

Caim remained silent.

She fidgeted not being all that good at waiting patiently, "So do you think it's true?" she shot him a sly discreet glance, "That Marana Scarlet has returned?"

The question went unanswered. 

Her lip curled upwards, "If Marana has returned does that mean she was never slain in the first place". 

Caim knew better than to fall in to her little trap, he knew what she was getting and he also knew that she was just prodding and poking, trying to get him to say something that would make him look bad, such is Julie Springs. 

She gave him a playful nudge in the arm, "I'm just playing, how were you supposed to know that even if you killed her she just return a couple of years later, it's not like your an adept Mage such as I"

Usually something like this should follow with, but it's was very commendable that you slew her physical form and freed us from the blight war and into an age of freedom, but Julie had never been one to show even an inclination of respect to anyone. Even Kaine had to be carful what he said around her. It seemed that the best way to combat her was to just say as little as possible around her. 

Suddenly their was a swooping noise as something huge came through the round hole in the roof and collided with the floor with a gut wrenching collision. 

The bird resembling monster lay on the floor twisted and broken, it's feathers in taters and all it's limbs in a tangle. It stunk that bad it made their eyes water. Before their eyes it's melted into a slop on the floor like some wretched witch's brew. 

Julie's was repulsed in the highest and stepped behind Caim as he went to investigate. "What is this putrid thing that dares defile the Sanctuary of Elements?"

"This Putrid thing", said a sickly voice from the bird soup as two arms rose and took hold of the solid floor to help leaver out the rest of its body, "Julie Springs". 

Her eyes centred as a static shock of terra made he hair's stand on end. 

"Is the Arch-Mage, Kaine Hunter", The Arc-Mage slowly pulled himself from the soup and struggled to stand at full hight but prevailed in the end. He dragged his legs across the floor trailing a massive feathery tail, he resembled a male harpy, half bird and half man. 

Julie stepped out of his way bowing her head, not in shame rather to hide her embarrassment there was also that subtle hint of disappointment. Caim had a strong feeling that if he were not here and his brother not in such a weak state she would have no doubt tried something. 

Kaine Hunter fell backwards heavily into one of the wooden chairs around the room, nearly breaking it. The Arch-Mage lolled his head back and let his arms droop, he just relaxed in his chair and calmed his breathing and bit by bit, he turned back to his normal human form although. 

Caim had noticed that every time his brother turned into this bird form he would not change back to his original form completely at first it was the colour of his hair that changed it got a few dark blue streaks, then his left eye changed colour as well to a dull grey were his other was dark green, later on his left hand turned to talons. Who knows what it might be this time.                                  

He sat up in his chair, not yet fully back to his original self, rested his elbows on his knees and cupped his chin in his hands, "We have a situation on our hands", he started, "Our suspicions have been confirmed. Marana Scarlet walks the land once again". 

Silence as the information was digested. 

"I tried to kill her but I was prevented," his eyes went ablaze with fury, "As I was concentrating on the girl my fellow guards were slain, ether they were stick wielding drunks or that man is a demon capable of killing the highest Elite, he sneaked up behind me a twisted my neck right around. If it were not for the Netherbirds Contract, I'd be dead right now". 

Not so much of a disappointment to some even if it did mean one of the most beneficial men in the country were no longer around to help put a stop to the greatest threat on the planet.

"Who is this man?" Caim asked. When talking to Kaine it was always best to get to the point instead of asking trivial questions. 

"I don't know his name but he lives in the Barrow, he also claimed to be Marana's older brother or more correctly whomever Marana soul has possessed, that ignorant fool is protecting a monster and he's to blind to realise it".

"Were can I find them?" Caim was already prepared to leave as soon as possible. 

"Thinking of taking all the glory for yourself again brother?" Kaine snapped.

"It's not about glory, brother, it's about keeping the peace-" 

"Then why'd you rush of so fast when I told you about Marana's hideout during the war, by yourself might I add". 

Caim sighed, this argument again. 

"This time," Kaine sprang up onto his feet and squared up to his brother,"We do things my way".     

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