Carnival Fantasia

Marana Scarlet is coming....what will you do? .....What will you do?


9. Born and shaped

Marana's past could best be described as the same way you'ed make a sword, melted down and moulded into a weapon. 

Firstly the materials were found.

Fifty young children under the age of ten were gathered together, their names, origins, genders were all un-necessary and invalid, it didn't matter.

When they first arrived they were each given a pet dog, they were told to treat the dog however they liked, and a bed. 

After the first day they were introduced to their teachers. 

Then the moulding began. 

Endless and relentless lessons one after the other and so much studying, the lessons involved everything, reading, writing, politics, war, strategies and all the different schools of magic. 

They were tort that the world they lived in was corrupt and evil and only they, the select few were, pure. The long term goal was that one of them would set the world straight. Each student was pit against each other to see who was the most talented, intellectual, strong, most willed and determined.

Six years later. 

A nameless girl sat on her bed, her ankles and up her legs, wrist and up her arms, waist and upper body were rapped in bandages, dried blood kept them on. She held her dog tightly in her arms, it licked away her salty tears. "What am I doing wrong", she growled angrily. Yet again she had lost in a sword duel, and it wasn't just the sword that cut deep. In every other subject she was above the rest, so why just in that one particular area? 

Two days later she mest up again, parrying her opponents sword and leaving herself wide open for a noise breaking punch to the face that rendered her blind and thus she lost the duel. 

As she lay steering at the sealing, fresh blood trailing down her face, she heard the dog remerging through a bag, tilting her head to see what it was doing she found the little pup eating all her food. The food that she had shared with it for six years, "Why are you eating my food?" she whispered, confused, "Don't you care that your master will starve". The dog paid no heed and continued to eat, "I see, I get it know", her broad psychotic smile was sad and the tears flowed down her checks and she sat up suddenly realising her mistake all this time, "I get it now!" she proclaimed jumping off the bed and nearly falling flat, "I get it now, I understand now, it's so clear why didn't i see it before!" 

Her shadow descended over the unsuspecting dog. 

An hour later there was a knock at her door and she answered, it was her teacher, obediently she walked out of the room and went to class. 

The teacher smelt blood and peered into the room. 

Blood and gore were splattered up a wall. 

He lifted he noise and said nothing.

In todays duel she was pit up against a young lad of her age. The teacher gave the signal to start, he charged forward swinging his sword around his head wildly using brute strength to win against a fragile girl. 

She smirked darkly and raised her arm. 

Magic seized the young lads throat and lifted him of the floor. 

She tightened her hand. 

The magic squeezed his neck breaking the bones then twisted his head right off. 

No one uttered a word as blood shot from the carcasses neck like a fountain. 

No one battered an eye lid as she threw the body across the room to get impaled on a rack of spears. 

A few seconds past and the teacher said, "Next combatants".       
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