Carnival Fantasia

Marana Scarlet is coming....what will you do? .....What will you do?


12. Born and shaped pt 2

Now that Marana had upped the game the other candidates had upped theirs as well. Just as the teachers had hopped after all they weren't looking for a rule keeper they were looking for someone who was going to do what wad necessary to succeed.

More and more students died. 

The numbers were dwindling with each passing day. 

During the first few years some of them had bonded and became friends, made small groups but now. 

Everyone was out for themselves. 

Close friends stabbed each other in the back.

The pet dog they own, the vast majority gone. 

All sense of chivalry and good nature had gone. 

Marana sat comfortable on a foot stool infront of six teachers and the head master. Alll around the room and posted up top the second balcony guards armed with all kinds of weapons and armour stood like stone sentinels. The teachers were talking to themselves, disguising something that sounded important and just out of her ear shot.

"Twenty seven?" the Headmaster called. 

Marana lifted her head and peered through her long crimson hair at the middle aged man in black and white robs.

"How are you feeling?" he asked, although it sounded like he didn't actually care it was more of an ice-breaker. This was actually a first that a teacher had asked about ones feeling, kind of a contrast considering he had been teaching them to discard all emotions. 

"Fine, I guess", she whispered. 

"Good, Now why do you think you are sitting before me today?" 

Marana gave it some thought or rather she was reading the teachers, examining everything about them from their posture, dress sense, facial expressions, their small habits as one was tapping his foot, another cracking his fingers, one of them shuffled uneasily in his seat and the last couldn't stop brushing his hair back. She smirked, "I've been wondering about that myself and I've come up with a three possibilities". 

"Would you care to share them?" 

She nodded, "the first is that you think I'm the best candidate for to purge the world of evil as I have demonstrated in class that I'm capable of achieving anything and will do what is necessary to accomplish my ambitions. Secondly you don't think I'm the right candidate and are trying to come up with some plan to kill me-".

"That's a little paranoid don't you think?" the one on the far left chuckled. 

"That may be but one has to keep an open mind". Marana retaliated. 

He scowled. 

"And the third?" the Headmaster waved his hand for her to continue. 

Marana cleared her throat and a dark sinister grin crossed her face, "Or maybe it's none of those maybe it's not me sitting in front of you maybe it's you sitting before me-"

A teacher sprang out of his seat, "How dare you say that, your just an experiment, how dare you".

"How dare I!" Marana screamed standing up. 

"Have you gone mad!" another shouted springing from his seat.

"Settle down!" the head shouted, a breath second later and everyone was seated again, "Twenty seven what make you think that we are sat before you?" 

"Its quite simple really. I've figured it all out, it took a while but all the cogs have finally fitted together, I know your scheme I know what your really after," she leaned forward, "You told us that the idea of this project was to purify the world of all evil but when I lay there on my bed unable to sleep I thought how stupid that sounded. It's unrealistic. So I thought about it logically and sort of reversed it and when I did that it sounded a lot more realistic and in fact sounded more like the truth. Put as simply as I can I concocted that your creating a Warlord who will throw the world into utter chaos and force the nations to form under a single banner, fight back against the Warlord and in the end, win. So the plan basically is to have one massive last war to end all wars and in the process create peace between the nations because their all under on banner. Sacrifice millions to save millions that's the idea in a nut shell". Marana crossed her legs and arms with a dark expression. "Now you all sit before me and this is what I believe to be the truth. Can you justify yourselves?" 

The teacher slammed his fist onto the table outraged as the others jumped out of their dumbstruck states of disbelief. "How dare you question are course and motives". 

"How are you curtain of this?" the head master questioned remaining calm. 

Marana tilted her head to one side, the very question was a stupid one and very easy to answer, as a matter of fact she had hopped he would ask that. "Because that's what you've made me into, a Warlord, a Warmonger, I crave to swim through oceans of blood. I no saint and nether are any of the other students so there is only one possible outcome and that's what I just said before". 

The head master contemplated all this and muttered, "To have figured out something like that you should be congratulated, you really are very intelligent but what now, what are you going to do now that you have figured out our scheme. Tell all the other students? Have them riot? You have no proof of this and who's going to believe a theory like that?"  

Marana leaned forward with a smirk, "Who do you think I am, I'm not some book villain I've already put my plan into motion, in fact the only reason I'm sitting here now is to buy them some time". 

"You jest", a teacher chuckled, "Enough of your jokes, I've heard enough, guards take her away". Not a single guard moved. "Guards!" he barked. 

"Teacher". Marana began softly. His face drained of colour, crumpling from within. "How does it feel to be at a loose of power and so suddenly? how does it feel to be twenty paces behind your student? How does it feel to be outwitted and your world crumble around you?" she giggled darkly, "You should all be proud of me, I figured out your master plan, convinced all the other students and guards to join me in my scheme". She stood up suddenly, "You wanted a monster and by the Darkness of the Abyss you certainly got one".

Students and more guards burst into the room and surrounded the teachers and head master. 

One of the teachers waved his arms about chanting a spell. 

Crossbows were aimed. 

"Don't!" Marana commanded. 

The teacher disappeared for a brief second, lightening spat and sparked and the teachers dead corpse appeared back again, fell to his knees and then face slammed the floor. 

"What was that?" the head questioned.

"I had the other students draw a rebound crest around the room so no-one can simple teleport out," Marana answered.

"Ok", he nodded admitting defeat, "You have us out numbered and as it would seem outclassed, now that you have us what are you going to do next?" 

"I'm glade you asked that, first of all your all going to call me Marana, the goddess of Death and Winter, secondly from here on out I will be calling the shots, nothing is to be done without my say. The plan however is going to remain the same, we will plunge the world into utter chaos, we will wage war on all the nations because thats all we know because that's how you made us and whilst you watch I want you to remind yourselves that it was you who released us".

The head master had a confused look about him, he wanted them to wage war on the world and have all the nations fight back, so why was she doing what he wanted after going through all this trouble of figuring it out, getting the guards and students to follow her and having this elaborate plan to pen the teachers and he in the same room. So he asked and her reply. 

"Because I want to walk my own path and I don't want you fools leading the way. Now that's enough questions. I'm growing tired of explaining myself its time I took some initiative as a leader to show everyone that I mean business. Now then what punishment should I impose, what punishment would befit, kidnappers, deceivers, murderers, abusers. I want something that will make you regret creating us and setting us loose and keep you alive, such a punishment may sound impossible but don't fret I have it all figured out," Her psychotic grin returned, "Guards! Break their legs. Students! Draw me a transmutation circle, poetic justice and fine art are about to merge together".                                
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