Carnival Fantasia

Marana Scarlet is coming....what will you do? .....What will you do?


15. Anak's Finest

When Caim's brother, Kaine Hunter the Archmage of Anak'morak, said they were going to do things his way, he certainly ment it, that ment it was going to be a lot of money and extremely flashy. Kaine had always been one to go a little overboard with the theatrics and now one of Anak'morak's finest War machines had taken flight, the Zeppelin Grenadier. 

The idea was based on a Galleon War ship only instead of triple masts there was instead a giant oval shaped balloon. 

The balloon was charcoal black with a steel frame coloured yellow, the crest of Anak'morak painted on both sides a face mask split vertically down the middle with both sides painted opposite colours. The warship was painted to mach the ballon with blacks and golds.

The Grenadier speciality was firepower and defence. With over thirty cannons aside, reenforced hulls and light armour shielding the balloon it was near impossible to shoot down. It could carry a crew of two hundred and fifty easy with enough supplies to last a week at once. 

It's no wonder it's the lead flag ship. 

Kaine paced up and down on the main deck examining the three ranks of ten elite soldiers. All dressed in full ebony black plate gear with golden patterns, from head to foot. Each carried a two-handed claymore, naturally black, and a cross-bow. Those were just the weapons on show. The knights had switch blades in both gauntlets and boots and other devises that could quickly down an opponent. These thirty soldiers, even just one was worth an army of hundreds. 

"Anak's best," Kaine mused, like a child with a new toy, or rather toys, "Down in the plain of Ash and Dust Marana Scarlet and her guardian are making progress towards Anak'morak, they are alone and you a thirty of the best, your mission is simple we will locate them from above then you sling down bag Marana and kill her bodyguard. For soldiers of renowned statuses I believe that a task such as this should be easy and should have no reproductions or unfortunate mishaps. Any questions?"           

Caime kept his distance and leaned back on the railing, a two mile drop behind him. He just closed his eyes and let the wind blow through his hair.      

Julie took her place beside him, her and that smug attitude, she leaned over to whisper in his ear, "Your brother seems too overenthusiastic".

"His heart is in the right place, Brother has always been a theatrical and bold person, always wanting to stand out from the crowed and prove he's the best, on the other hand, I thought by now you would be used to my brothers exotic and overboard ways of getting something done". Caim said casually. 

"Thats easer said than done, his ideas are quite robust and the way he thinks is very erratic. It's almost like he thinks an operation on this grand scale has no financial backing, have you got any idea how much this is costing the empire, just building one of these things could give the entire slums a makeover and these Elite Swordsmen wages combined could feed it for a year. That's a lot of money spent hunting down one person". 

Caim opened his eyes and leaned over to her, noise to noise, she thought he was going to kiss her, a gesture not unwelcome. "Julie all the money in the world is an investment worth spending on making sure Marana Scarlet does not live on it, the last thing that's going to be on anyone's mind when abomination's are hammering at our gate's is how pretty the gate looks or what food has been stored away for tomorrow because with her living, there is a good chance that your tomorrow will never come and that's if your lucky, the unlucky once's are moulded together with three or four or twenty other people. Now answer me truthfully, is my brother investing too much money?"

Julie huffed, not convinced at all and took a single side-step away from him, sulking.  

Caim felt a little satisfaction and allowed him self a well rewarded smirk and then went beck to relaxing. 

Kaine then made his way over, "Preparations are now complete now all we need do is locate Marana Scarlet". 

"The sooner the better". Caim said. 

Kaine leaned in, "Not thinking of going off by yourself, brother? Thinking of stealing the glory again? Well this time I'm not letting you out of my site, this is my operation and you are not to do anything without my say so, is that clear?" 

Caim rolled his eyes, "We went through this not too long ago and as I said before, I'm fine with anything so long as Marana Scarlet rain of terra is put to an end". 

The Arch-mage snorted at his brothers half hearted reply and trudged off towards the captains quarters, Julie followed two steps behind. "Just remember who's in charge here brother". Kaine called back. 

The Grenadier sailed on through the air and over the plain of Ash and Dust. 

Watchful eyes scanned the area for any sign of life.                        
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