Carnival Fantasia

Marana Scarlet is coming....what will you do? .....What will you do?


1. The First Born

Marana Scarlet could be recognised from a mile away and it wasn't what she wore that made her stand out although it was quite prerogative for someone who look very, very, young, her hair was blood red and seemed to be in an arranged disarray, she wore a crimson short sleeved, low cut dress that plumped out at the hips, a white frilly underskirt, charcoal waist coat, her leather ridding boot came up to her knees. 

Her smile was crocked, psychotic even. 

Her eyes were blood red instead of the usual milk white, her pupils were sharp and jet black. 

Her presence could be felt like a sword being thrusted through your heart, it was her intent to kill.

And when she looked at you, when she looked at you it was like being stared at by thousands of eyes, corpse eyes at that.  

The Carnival Fantasia was about to begin and Marana could not wait any longer, her shoulder twitched with anticipation, for too long she had been waiting, holding her urges back and if you haven't guessed what this urge is, your regrettable going to find out, very, very soon.

Animals ran or died.  

All plant life died as she waltzed through the forest, leaving behind dead trees and grey patches of land. 

Pry that she does not walk over the cemetery. 

It has been questioned and debated as to what is she, is she human, impossible, humans were evil and sinful but none were like her, no matter how bad they were none could obtain what she had. So what was she exactly, she who could take the life of anything that could breath just by wishing it and dressed in the colour of blood. She is First Born.
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