When a child goes missing there's no one to help find her apart from her three brothers and sister.


3. What next?

Charlie wailed and screamed giving them all headaches. It was the first time in a while that Alex had needed his parents again and this time he needed them badly. Jennifer was out of her mind and she couldn't control herself which was making it harder for the three remaining children to sort things out. In the end Alex had, had enough and ran up to his room to think. When he arrived he found his window open and a paper aeroplane on the  he quickly unfolded the paper to find a note on written inside. The note was written very neatly in a kind of swirly type of writing and Alex couldn't identify it. Alex read the note aloud to himself and gasped. He quickly fled down the stairs he nearly tripped over but he caught himself again. When he was downstairs again he read the note to Jennifer. It said.......................... 

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