When a child goes missing there's no one to help find her apart from her three brothers and sister.


2. Gone

As the man left,  Alex who was carrying Charlie walked back into the kitchen to finish his meal. Jennifer then followed and it wasn't until they had all sat back down that they realised that one seat was empty. Jennifer went into panic straight away but Alex was more calm about it 

" she's probably just gone to the toilet, she'll be back in a minute." A minute turned into 2 then into 3 then into 5. Alex got up from the table and said that he was going to check if Lucy was in the toilet. The toilet door was wide open when Alex arrived, he peered in to find nobody. Alex became alarmed and now it was his time to break down. As Alex walked back into the kitchen to tell the terrible news to Jennifer he couldn't stop thinking about the horrible thoughts running through his head. 

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