When a child goes missing there's no one to help find her apart from her three brothers and sister.


1. Family


Alex was swinging gently on the swing; his brown hair was swept to the left and his hazel eyes were staring intently at Charlie crawling around on the grass. Charlie was a toddler and hadn’t mastered walking yet so the only way he could get around was by shuffling or crawling.                                       

The sun was shining brightly but the cold wind was whipping at Alex’s face in a harsh manner. Alex sighed a long heavy sigh as he brushed his hands against his trousers leaving mud trails. He hopped off the swing and bent down to pick up the toddler. Charlie looked up at him, his blue eyes sparkling in the sunlight, his blond hair curly and wild. Alex and Charlie didn’t look like brothers; they didn’t even look like they were related but they were. Alex had been like a dad to Charlie since he was born, as their dad had passed away 5months ago and their mum had died during birth to Charlie.  They lived all on their own just the four brothers and sisters. Jennifer was the eldest at 15, then Alex at 13, Lucy at 8 and Charlie at 3. Their Dad who was named Robert Peter Harrison had lung cancer from smoking a pipe, the whole family had been devastated when he had left the world, as he had kept the family together after their mothers death. “Alex, Charlie come on, it’s time for lunch” Jennifer said.  Alex snapped out of daydream, grabbed Charlie and ran into the cottage to the smell of apple pie, cheese and bread. With a smile as big as the world, Lucy ran into the kitchen rosy faced and out of breath. Lucy was slim and tall with a slender face full of happiness, her hair was frizzy and wild at the moment from playing with the dogs that live down the road, the dogs always came over to our house to play, they loved Lucy. Jennifer strode over to Charlie, she was lean but strong with curly brown hair swept back into a ponytail, her eyes were a soft hazel colour like Alex’s but her face was smaller and more intent. As the four of them sat down at the wooden table to have their lunch which was laid out neatly on the table and say their prayers, someone knocked sharply on the door. They looked at each other slightly bemused as they never really had visitors. Jennifer reluctantly got up from the table and left her food to open the little red wooden door of their farm house. Alex decided to go with her as he was a little intrigued; he picked up Charlie and told Lucy to follow close behind so that they were all together. Jennifer opened the door of the cottage and looked around expectantly, to see a guy leaning against the wall, he wore a black leather jacket and a pair of jeans that needed ironing. The man looked in his mid-twenties as his face was young and keen. He had a scar running down his left cheek, his nose was out of place like it had been broken more than once. Jennifer asked politely if she could help him and he nodded and said                                                                                                                               

 “I was wondering if you have seen a dog around here lately? He is just a little puppy, no more than 7months old, he has a black patch on his stomach so he is quite recognisable it’s just that he’s missing.” He said the whole thing whilst smiling; it didn’t look like he missed his dog at all.                      

 “No sorry, what’s the dog called anyway?” replied Jennifer                                                                                                                                   “Umm the dog is called ......... umm Max, that’s right it’s called Max and you haven’t seen him? No                                                                   Oh ok doesn’t matter then but thanks for your help anyway, bye” the man left and started walking to the next house quickly as in a rush. 

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