Where did it all go wrong

This is a short story about my old enemy Adam. In two years he went from a nobody in my life to an enemy to a friend to a good friend to a best friend to the person I loved. Now I want nothing to do with him. This story is about not rushing things , we shouldn't let ourselves fall.


2. The same week

After nearly a whole week there I learned that I shared two classes with him : maths and science. We both were clever enough to be in set one but not clever enough to not fall in love.
We both had developed a daily routine for science, he would get there first and I would arrive a minute after.
When we were bored we would attack eachother with these twistable crayons that I aquired when I was four years old. The other day be told me that he used to keep the bits I had thrown at him and put them in his pencil case as a reminder of me.
But on our table it was not just us . Sitting next to me was a girl called Grace who was really friendly but lacked a voice , a boy called Rob who I still sometimes walk to school with , my best friend Sophie who has sadly moved away. There was another girl called Heather who is in my class, she used to be our target of fun. Although I love her , her voice was so annoying!
So we used to make the most realistic impressions that would take the world by storm. Unfortunately she didn't seem to think so ...
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