Where did it all go wrong

This is a short story about my old enemy Adam. In two years he went from a nobody in my life to an enemy to a friend to a good friend to a best friend to the person I loved. Now I want nothing to do with him. This story is about not rushing things , we shouldn't let ourselves fall.


7. Him

Before you read this whole drama I think it would be fair on him to introduce him to the story . At the moment I don't really know what your opinion of him is. I am biased because at this exact moment of time I dislike him very much but still he is a big part of my life. As a matter of fact I am talking to him right now.
His is consistent I will give him that , according to him he has loved me for eighteen months. I would like to strongly express me saying according to him because of course that is nonsense
He used to be extremely funny , he wasn't the sort of person who told jokes but he had this special way to him , he treated life as a great story that he was willing to narrate with a comics view.
But he has changed. Sometimes I find myself on mourning for him. It is as if he killed off the person that I shared my world with.
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