Where did it all go wrong

This is a short story about my old enemy Adam. In two years he went from a nobody in my life to an enemy to a friend to a good friend to a best friend to the person I loved. Now I want nothing to do with him. This story is about not rushing things , we shouldn't let ourselves fall.


4. Beginning of the next year

I know for most people their phone is the one thing that they couldn't live without . To be honest I didn't really understand until I met him.
One day after I had just finished swimming( another one of my many talents ) I got a text. It was an unknown number but read it anyway , it said - Hey , it's Chris btw this is my number. Chris is this boy in my year who was born with too much intelligence and too little personality but because of my generous nature I replied back saying hi Chris wuut ?
If you live in a cave wuut means what you up to. No offence or anything.
He replied something random and I replied something random . Then I decided to talk to my friend Rob who you might remember from my science table. We said our usual small talk then he casually mentioned that if Chris had texted me it wasn't Chris it was Adam. So discreetly as possible I told Chris that he indeed was Adam and that he was a whopping great liar.
This is where in his opinion the story really begins ...
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