Where did it all go wrong

This is a short story about my old enemy Adam. In two years he went from a nobody in my life to an enemy to a friend to a good friend to a best friend to the person I loved. Now I want nothing to do with him. This story is about not rushing things , we shouldn't let ourselves fall.


8. A Thursday afternoon in art

Every Thursday when the first bell goes after registration I have art . Some people find art a relaxation technique or a new skill that is a way of life. I am sad to report I am not one of those people. From an early age art has been a waste of time. I don't think I have managed to grasp the concept of patience.
Luckily one of my good friends Rosie is in my design group so those two hours of boredom are not completely wasted.
So one day I am sitting down and quietly keeping to myself when suddenly she comes along and claims shes found her true love.
I think you know where this is going ...
Apparently this mystery boy is amazing , lovely , kind , generous , sensitive and just the best thing that was ever born on this planet. It turns out this boy was him.
I think in that room despite all the commotion you could hear my heart shatter like single glazed windows.
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