Where did it all go wrong

This is a short story about my old enemy Adam. In two years he went from a nobody in my life to an enemy to a friend to a good friend to a best friend to the person I loved. Now I want nothing to do with him. This story is about not rushing things , we shouldn't let ourselves fall.


1. My first day

Nearly two years ago I started a new school. My first lesson was science , that's where the story begins. I remember that he sat opposite me. The first thing I said to him was " Hi , nice to meet you ." Obviously the planet he came from took it as an insult so to reply he said " I hate you ."
Not too long ago I reminded it to him and he said I didn't know what to expect.
He said that from the outside I looked like an ordinary girl. He regretted thinking that after twenty minutes with me.
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