Poetic Licence

Poetic Licence is a collection of Poems written by me. I will update every so often, so check back occasionally.


3. Writer's Block

He stares down at the blank sheet

Wanting to fill it with words.


Any words, as long as he

has filled it within the hour.


His gaze drifts to the clock

Watching the minutes tick by.


60, 59, 58...


Still no words. The page remains

Just as blank as before.


45, 44, 43...


An idea. He thinks it through

To no avail. He starts again.


37, 36, 35...


He is still thinking. Toying

With ideas in his mind.


23, 22, 21...


None of the thoughts in his mind

Have worked out. Still thinking.


12, 11, 10...


He knows he has little time

To fill that blank page.


3, 2, 1...


Inspiration strikes.

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