Poetic Licence

Poetic Licence is a collection of Poems written by me. I will update every so often, so check back occasionally.


6. Wonderland

When sitting with her sister

This scene looked rather wrong;

A rabbit in a waistcoat,

She naturally followed on.


She slipped, she tripped, and tumbled down

Down the rabbit hole she falls.

Found a bottle labelled 'Drink Me'

Which made her rather small.


Shrunk and grew, up and down,

Till fitted through a door.

A magic garden on the other side,

So she started to explore.


Caterpillars, chubby twins,

Talking flowers and other things

In this garden that girl found.

Everything was quite astound.


Tried for treason, white not red, 

The roses almost lost her head.

Seconds later, back at home.

Where sister reads her dusty tome.

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