Suddenly she didn't feel strong at all...


2. Meant To Die-Bridget

A/N Hiya! This is Bridget's chapter/story. She is the mother of the seven kids and the one who was speaking in the prologue. Enjoy! XD


Even from early on, words of wisdom were whispered into tiny Bridget's ears. "Hey little girl, don't cry. Your strong, I know you are, it's why we named you Bridget- it stands for strength, you see. Shh, hush. You'll be a strong girl one day". When Bridget cared to point out to her mother that many boys in her class were stronger then her, her mother sighed and said "I'm not talking about that kind of strength. I'm talking about the strength of trying again, not losing hope". Bridget's life-time ambition was now to become the strongest girl in the world. Not like a superhero, their coustumes are knitted, no, she wanted to have the strength her mother expected of her...


On a hill flowing with flowers and scattered with graves, was a girl. A lifeless tear slid down the cheek of the girl who slightly swayed, staring. Her mother's grave stood before the sixteen year old Bridget, who bewailed the blue from her eyes. Eleven years had flown whilst Bridget had grived her mother's last words, about strength. And yet, Bridget had failed to complete her mother's final wish. So Bridget had spent her days grieving the words and life of her mother until...someone came up behind her. They placed a single rose on her mother's grave before turning.    

A boy.


"Do you Bridget Marie Jones take the Harvey Leon Chester to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

She stares into his eyes. They're telling her he'll keep her safe. They're telling her he'll look after her. They're telling her he loves her. So she lets the boy she once met at a graveyard own her forever, as she enables her mouth to form the words "I do".


Nearly ten years had passed since Bridget had married the man of her dreams, and yet, at first glance, it seemed like nothing had changed at all. That was until seven pairs of feet pounded down into the kitchen, their appetites ready to fight for the first bowl of cornflakes. It was only then that you realised, life had changed A LOT. If a mother of one or two had walked in on this family, they might've had a panic attack at the thought of having to look after seven children. However Bridget loved all the hustle and bustle of daily life but...there was always some existance, a voice, telling her that one day something would happen and she would be without her children. It scared her. But Bridget knew that she shouldn't be afraid because, in the end, there was nothing to fear. Or so she thought...


She entered the graveyard and started to look. Row upon row of graves she searched, eager to find them. Some time later she did find them, all seven, in a complete straight row. The tears started to fall but Bridget gave no sign of trying to stop them. After all, what was the point? Here before her lay her dead children, who proberly would never know that before them was their broken mother. So yet again, what is the point of sending her tears away? After a minute more, Bridget couldn't handle it. Her strength had long since dissapeared. Harvey helped her up and together they walked, hand in hand, out of sight. In the arms of her beloved, Bridget couldn't help but think...

They weren't meant to die.

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