On my own

Amy lost her parents in a fire in 1931 when she was 8 and now two years past and she still alone, until paris, a grey horse which was trapped finds Amy they cant seperate until he gets sent away


1. heart brake

I get lonely alot, it makes me feel annoyed to, my life was actually perfect until that one letter arrived to my house saying this.


Dear miss Hope

im imformed to tell u about an unfortunate avent appearing last night, a fire burst in the green wire forest, your parent parished in the fire. You will be sent to the orthanidge tomorrow at 11am sharp.


this is when my heart broke. i didnt want to be stuck in an orthanidge. i wanted to be let free so thats what i did. i ran as far as possible away from Yorkshire, I finally found somewhere! under a small tree where no one could find me, it was an abandoned field with space to grow crops, i collected money to plant some to and every week i wud go hunting for money so i cud get a loaf of bread. its a life which suited me until winter, see this disaster happendin the summer so i have only summer clothes so i get very cold and wet but im fine and happy at the moment, i wish if there was just someone who was here to guard me and to love me......

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