The Tree People.

I had an idea for this when I was walking in the woods. It's all about a girl called Raven who lives in a clan of people in an abandoned woods, and how they live and survive.
I'll only update every so often, because I'm focusing on Lovisa Jiae; Vampire Hunter right now.


1. Prologue.

My home is in the middle of nowhere, and that's where we want it to stay. No one ever tries to change it; they're too scared of us, just because we use bows and arrows and spears, when they have guns and planes and bombs. 

I am fourteen years of age, and my name is Twisted Rose. I have a sister called Tall Lily, and a brother named Gliding Robin. We live in the tall trees in a beautiful unnamed place with the rest of our clan, which consists of fifty men, fourty-three women and thirty-four children. 

This is a story about how we live, and what happens when someone tries to change it. 

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