The kidnap of horror

Sammy wakes up only to find that his parents are getting kidnapped. He knows he has to save the day quick after a man in black kills one of his parents.


1. The kidnap of horror


One summers night, there was a boy called Sammy. He was sleeping until he was woken by a clashing noise. He had butterflies in his tummy and was feeling worried about what the noise was. Then things got worse, he heard a scream. He stumbled out of his bed in hurry. He opened the door and started tip-toeing down the  stairs clutching on to the banister. As he got to the bottom of the stairs, he peeked his head round and saw the most frightening thing of his life! His Parents were tied up with rope on to chairs. There was a man in black in front of them holding out a knife to Sammy’s dad’s throat. His Mum and Dad looked absolutely terrified. So did Sammy. A thought popped up in his head about calling the police, only to realise that the phone was in the same room as the man in black. His mum was shouting HELP as loud as she could. Then in the blink of an eye the man in blacks knife slit Sammy’s dad throat! There was blood squirting out of his throat, just before he stopped in pain and instead, shut his eyes.  He was dead!  Sammy new that he had to do something before his Mum died to. He had a tear to his eye because of the death of his father. He then realised that the only real weapon that could harm the man in black, was a mop which was just beside him. He picked it up and charged in to the room half heartedly. The man in black was looking at his mum. Sammy whacked the man in black across the back of his head. He put so much power onto it that it actually knocked the man in black out! His mum yelled “THANK YOU AND UNTIE ME SAMMY!” Sammy rushed over to his mum and tried to untie the knot that tied his Mum to the chair. He was in so much of a rush that he couldn’t untie it. He took up the man in black’s knife and cut the rope open. Sammy felt relieved and hurried over to the phone so then he could call the police. The police came and took the man in black away. They had the dad’s funeral a week later. 

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