Tallulah's parents died a while ago and now she is left alone. An unwanted orphan. She stays at her vile great aunt's house in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do and nobody to play with. But when there's a mysterious occurrence in the night Tallulah's mind starts to play tricks on her and some past incidents are brought into the light again...


1. Short Story

Tallulah swiftly turned her head. An eerie,dark shape was gliding past her oak wardrobe and the solitary rocking chair. It had no form as it crept along her walls closer and closer. She stifled a scream as the shadow took to a shape that looked just like a human with elongated arms and feet and she tried to hush rapid breathing. The room was chilling.

Tallulah kept her head in the dark shadows and stiffened her body. Ever closer the shadow swept . Past her window which was opened a crack with a branch of a tree reaching it's fingers up to the creamy moon. Then it was right by her four poster bed and she could hear a rattly breathing that was not her own. She gasped.

"Come closer child..." hissed the shadow. Tallulah was terrified and her skin went as pale as a sheet of blank paper but she could not manage a scream. 

"Don't be afraid..." murmured the shadow. Tallulah was struggling for breath...she had never been so scared in her whole life. She inched her way closer to the shadow. She had no trusting thoughts running through her mind however... 

Somehow Tallulah was sure she recognised the shadow's voice which frightened her even more...this idea was utterly impossible. As if reading her thoughts the shadow whispered, "Do you recognise me?"

Tallulah hesitated but only for a mere second. She was not dumb enough to reply yes. 

As she blinked memories snapped in front of her closed lids...

Her Mum and Dad. Murdered by a mad man Ensray. Living with her vile great aunt in this dingy manor. She was an orphan. Unwanted. Her re-occurring nightmare of  her mum telling her how she blamed her for her death because she fled when Ensray came instead of helping. 

"Yes I do still blame you,darling." the shadow snarled, sarcastically. 


* * * 

The next morning, Tallulah's great aunt (Jane) went into her grand niece's bedroom. That shrill scream could be heard for miles and if you heard it would sent your hairs up on end and leave you chilled forever after.  

"She's DEAD!" shrieked Jane in horror.

A couple of days later the funeral took place for Tallulah. Although not many attended, it was a memorable ceremony. 

In a dark,damp corner of the churchyard, two shadows watched the grave diggers at work. One of the shadows mouthed a silent scream as the first clod of earth fell onto her coffin.

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