I love MUSIC

Ok um I have to be truthful I am a RUBBISH author so these are a few songs
To some songs by maroon5, Jessie j etc


1. Maroon 5 , payphone(my version)

I'm feeling so sad
Willing you were my lad
Wondering what we'd play and do

I'm thinking we'd make a
Gr-ea-t couple
But you clear-ly don't

(the fast bit)
I know it's up to you but
I wish it was up to me
I know that's sounds unfair but
I know it's meant to be

I know what we would do
If you were here with me
This is what I kinda
Thi-ink is what we would do

Sneak, sneak out of the house
Get, get, get a coke
Prank, prank, call all your friends

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