Emma's parents have gone missing after a walk with their dog, Mattie, and Emma goes deep into the woods to find them. But there are all sorts of dangers to be found there, and Emma needs to make sure she finds her parents and that she survives.


5. Tigers

I follow the footprints into the forest. I really wish that our dog was with me right now, but of course, he went missing with my mum and dad. I walk further and further into the maze of trees that were the forest, until the footprints ended. They stopped in the middle of two trees, unusually taller than all the other trees. I felt the ground for some kind of hole, but there was no holes, nothing. Maybe, I thought, just maybe, it would have been better off if I had just rung up the police and told them what had happened. They would have sorted it out, no problem. I was thinking of heading home, when she remembered how much her parents meant to her. I straightened out my dress and tried to wipe the mud off it. I knew that if I foun my mum, she would be mad about me ruining my dress. I was supposed to be wearing it to my mum's wedding! As I was messing around with my dress, my foot started feeling all wierd. Almost as soon as I looked down, a fierce looking baby tiger looked up at me, and bit my leg. Blood was pouring out of the wound, and I was getting worried. Now I understand what my mum meant when she told me not to go into the woods because it was dangerous. I tried to run away from the creature, but it was too fast, and soon it had caught up with me.

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