Emma's parents have gone missing after a walk with their dog, Mattie, and Emma goes deep into the woods to find them. But there are all sorts of dangers to be found there, and Emma needs to make sure she finds her parents and that she survives.


2. Missing

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing loudly.

"Hello?" I said. It was Jade.

"Hi Emma, I was just phoning to ask if you wanted to come to town today with me and Dani?" she asked. I wondered if I should tell her about my parents going missing. No, I decided. Knowing her, she'd probably go and tell everyone she knew, and the only people I want to know is my family.

"No, sorry, Jade, I can't, I'm busy today. Maybe another day?" I said. I already had a plan to go out to look for my mum and dad.

"Ok, maybe another day" Jade said sadly. I wished I could go, but I knew that finding my parents was a lot more important than a day out with my friends. I could do that anytime. I got into the shower, and dressed myself in a short white vintage dress. I brushed my long, brown hair and chucked on a pair of creamy white slip-ons. I couldn't be bothered to do my makeup. After all, I was only going into the woods, where it would be very muddy. But one thing came to my mind just as I was leaving the house. I had never been in the woods before. Yes, it is quite small, but if my mum and dad could get lost in there, then I could too, couldn't I? I walked down the street, and turned around the corner. There, right in front of me, were Allie and Kate.

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