Emma's parents have gone missing after a walk with their dog, Mattie, and Emma goes deep into the woods to find them. But there are all sorts of dangers to be found there, and Emma needs to make sure she finds her parents and that she survives.


7. Mattie

Mattie ran on for what seemed like an hour, but probably was only 10 minutes. He was still running at full speed by the time my sides were killing me and I had a stitch.

"Stop! Please, Mattie, STOP!" I pleaded, but as he was a dog, he obviously didn't understand what I was saying. I sat down on a log, and Mattie turned his tiny face around and looked at me. He came running back, and licked my face. I knew that when he did this, he wanted to know what was wrong.

"Awww!" he whined as he jumped onto my lap. I grabbed hold of his lead, and pulled him back as I stood up.

"Come on, Mattie" I say "Take me to where they are!" He dragged me through the trees, and into a big field with trees arching over it, making it dark. Oh god! I think in my head when we reach the middle of the field. Oh god! There's a massive army of tigers like the one I saw earlier, all looking hungry. If I survive, I can't wwait to tell all my friends that real tigers are living in the woods. People should know about that already, seeing as it's dangerous. The tigers stare at me and Mattie, and Mattie tries to run towards them. I fall to the ground, being dragged along by Mattie's lead, and that's when they come running towards us...

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