Emma's parents have gone missing after a walk with their dog, Mattie, and Emma goes deep into the woods to find them. But there are all sorts of dangers to be found there, and Emma needs to make sure she finds her parents and that she survives.


6. Blood

My whole leg was covered in blood, and the bottom of my white dress was no longer white, but a blood red. It actually looked quite nice. The tiger was still there, and that was when I realized. A TIGER was in our tiny town in London. How did it get here? It was supposed to be wherever tigers are, in those places where it is sunny and hot every day except for about a month, when it pours down with rain and there are are floods everywhere. I climb a nearby tree with difficulty with my slip-ons on. But then I spotted something white, fluffy and VERY familiar running towards me.

"WOOF" it barked

"Mattie!" I shouted. I jumped out the tree and almost landed flat on top of him. His lead was trailing behind him, and he wasn't white anymore, but a brown/grey/blackish colour.

"Where are Mum and Dad?" I whispered into his silky fur, and he ran into the dark part of the forest, with me running after him.

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