Emma's parents have gone missing after a walk with their dog, Mattie, and Emma goes deep into the woods to find them. But there are all sorts of dangers to be found there, and Emma needs to make sure she finds her parents and that she survives.


8. Attack

"No, please!" I shout. I wish I was Mattie right now. He has ran into the forest behind us, while I am lying on the ground, unable to get up because of my leg. When I fell over, I hurt it, and now I can't move it. The tigers are staring at me now. They come running at me, and one of their claws dig into my arm.

"OWWWWWWWW!" I scream. The tigers turn around, and I run back into the forest, safe. I've escaped them, at least. I stumble backwards onto a patch of leaves, and sit down. My legs are hurting even more now because I've been running, and I don't realize my mum and dad approaching me.

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