The Terrible Fate of Lily-Rose

I wrote a short story called Fire! in an English Exam once. This is that story told in more detail and with less spelling and grammar mistakes.


4. Why Oh Why...

"We need to get him back.." Tilly started. I agreed completely; we all did. Mr Thorne was not going to get away with this. I hated him. My inner trouble maker was brewing a plan. "Plan S," Lily-Rose said. She didn't need to say anything else before the plan was put into action.

We needed things like stink bombs, smoke machines, lights, costumes and fake blood. We just needed a date to put it into action. It would have to be after our GSCEs obviously. We decided on the 1 week of free lessons.

Exams came and went until the one we had been dreading. Latin. It was compulsory here. I had studied and studied and yet I still didn't think i did well enough. Then the week of free lessons. The tradition is to prank new teachers. So that's exactly what we did. Building up to Plan S. Every stunt we pulled he got one better. So it was only a matter of time before it happened.

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