The Terrible Fate of Lily-Rose

I wrote a short story called Fire! in an English Exam once. This is that story told in more detail and with less spelling and grammar mistakes.


3. The First Art Lesson

"Meum nomen est Mrs Latina-Coreves. Puto te scire plus quam ut puellarum nomina Latine." said Mrs Latina-Coreves. "Non aliquis exercendo Latine? Non putant. Quia sexus non elegistis GCSE Latin Non enim non habes exercere. Cras erit usu expertus. Nomen tibi dicam, aetate, et personam describit ipsum." Great. I'm quite good at Latin but I'm not the best . I'll ask Lydia to help. We set off on our way to Art. Mary just happened to open the door and got covered in our ice bucket we set for Mr Thorne. How did he get in before with getting iced. We sat down at our desks. Opened them up and out came a jumping spider in our faces. The classroom was alive with vivid screaming. Over the horrendous noise we could just hear Mr Thorne's calm voice saying "Girls one thing you must learn about me. I give as good as I get. Teaching at an all boys school does that to you." And with that he just leant against his desk laughing. "And now on with today's lesson. Still life drawings..." Thats when the trouble started.

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