The Terrible Fate of Lily-Rose

I wrote a short story called Fire! in an English Exam once. This is that story told in more detail and with less spelling and grammar mistakes.


2. The Assembly

"Girls some of you have been vandalizing the toilets. I think I know who. But I want whoever did it to come forward. It's for the best girls," announced our Head Mrs Leaper or as we know her Mrs Sleeper because she is so boring. Sounds like and ordinary assembly right? Wrong. So wrong. It all started when we had an unexpected visitor. 

"Girls I want you to meet your new Art teacher. Mr Thorne," Mrs Sleeper introduced him.

"Hello girls. I hope you enjoy having me. I knew Mrs Poplione like my own sister because she is. She got married and now I will have a niece or nephew. I will be teaching you for 2 years while she is away," Mr Thorne said. Good I thought I've only got 3 weeks left for my GCSE's then 1 week of free lessons before I leave for college. That means I won't have to put up with him for 3 years. All I could hear was the gang saying "Earth to Rose-May. Assembly finished 5 minutes ago. We need to go to form." I couldn't care less. That's the gang though. There's 9 of us in the Sisters Gang. Rose-May (me) and Lily-Rose Evans, then Lydia, Elizabeth and Naomi Smith, Maddie and Sinead Jones and finally Mary and Tilly Walters. We come up with some silly plans. But what happened that day was the worst.

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