The Terrible Fate of Lily-Rose

I wrote a short story called Fire! in an English Exam once. This is that story told in more detail and with less spelling and grammar mistakes.


1. How It Started

Smoke everywhere. It's thick. So thick that I can't see my hand in front of my face. Scratch that I can't see anything. Lily-Rose... where is she? I hope she's OK. Finally firemen come and rescue me. Where are they taking me? I want to see Lily-Rose. They've walked me right past the ambulance she's in. I struggle and beg for them to let me be with her. They refuse and take me to a different ambulance. Mr Thorne comes to see me. I tell him I want to see Lily-Rose. He says I can when I arrive at the hospital. He leaves and the nurse arrives. She starts checking me over. I tell her I am fine but I want to see my sister. The nurse tells me that her name is Catherine and she went to my school "Lana's Education for Young Girls" named after the founder Lana Paracottimer. She said that stupid tradition was there when she was a pupil. This is the Sisters Gang's fault. Let me explain. It all started 4 weeks ago in assembly...

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