Sweetest of the Sweets

Revenge is sweet when you want to hurt the ones that you love. Ariana's betrayal leaves her hungry for it. To hurt him.
That sugercoated knife will take a plunge for sweetness stopping at nothing short of pain.


5. The Chocolate Tastes Sickly


"I have no idea. Who's the new girl?" "Adriana Silva." At that moment, I bumped into someone knocking them down. Shit. Double shit. Did Kieran just say Adriana was back? In zombie-like movements, I helped the petite girl off the floor mumbling my apologies. "Rhys!" The girl spoke. "What a pleasant surprise." She smiled...

Rhys's POV                        

"Laura?" I asked in shock. Laura used to be my best friend. She used lived next door to me ten years ago with her dad - until he got a big promotion and they both moved away. I hadn't seen her since. But seeing her stood there, green eyed and innocent looking smiling her beautiful smile, a waft of memories pulled at me.


I watched as two middle aged men carried large brown boxes towards my next door neighbour’s house. Apparently, I had new neighbours. It sucked.

My best friend, Ryan moved away just a couple of weeks ago, and now some stuck up rich people were going to be living next to us... Great!

Note the sarcasm. 

I sat on the porch in front of my house gazing at a vivid green tree canopying the white van with a dull face, waiting to see the faces of the replacements.

Minutes later I heard a high pitched shrill then saw a girl laughing, grasping hold of a man shoulders. I presumed he was her father. He was running down the porch steps making wild and childish police cars sounds.

I suddenly felt very sullen looking at the girl that seemed so happy. My dad had died two years ago when I was eight, and now I saw how much an impact his death had on me. I don’t think I have laughed as much as I saw her doing.

Her long brown hair flew in the air as the wind blew it upwards. Her cheeks were red and her lips drawn up into a massive smile.

Her father set her on the ground to grab hold of a pen one of the men who was loading the boxes extended to him and the girl began to look around the street.

Not that much here that’s worth looking at.

There was a park at the end of the road. But the swings were old and the seats were with huge chunks ripped off of them. The slide was covered in chewing gum, and not very pleasant to slide down.

The paths had strips of grass that looked as though had been deprived of water for years and the odd tree grew dotted around the street. And it seemed it was only the trees that actually looked reputable.

Her large forest green eyes finally landed on me and her smile was back.

I gave a thin smile and stood up. I might as well say hello. The girl tapped her dad on the arm and pointed towards me. He looked towards me, his smile seemed warm and I felt sadness tug at my stomach again.

He reminded me of my dad.

The girl rushed towards me and climbed eagerly up the concrete steps. Wow.

So much enthusiasm.

She stopped on the step below me and held out her small hand.

“Hey, I’m Laura Orr!” Her voice was high but small and rang through my ears.

“Rhys Calvert.” I replied holding hers. Seriously? A hand shake?

I silently laughed.

“Do you want to do something?” she asked.

“Unless you have an Xbox, not really.” I scoffed.

“Come on then!” She squealed.

“You have an Xbox?” My mum had barely let me get an Xbox. She said the games I would be playing would be too “vulgar” for a ten year old to be playing, but eventually gave in after days of begging.

“Of course!”  Then she dragged my by my hand to follow her.

This girl was something different. I could tell we were going to be friends...

“You don’t seem to be that happy that I'm here.” Laura's voice erupted. Her smile turned into a frown.

I looked into those same forest green eyes. "I am!" I smiled. "I'm just shocked. How are you?"

"After three years I come back, an the only thing you say to me is 'how are you'?" She tilted her head.

"Come here." I said and pulled her into a hug. She smelt of soft vanilla, not that I was just sniffing her or anything. It seemed as though I was forever smelling the essence.

Well, until Kieran tapped a finger onto my shoulder. "Um, dude. We need to go to class now." He cut in.

I pulled away from her. "How about we get an ice cream after school?" I asked Laura.

"You're still the Rhys I knew three years ago." she mocked. "Sure, why not." she grinned.


Okay dokey! This might not have been long, but I felt as though the next bit should be in the next chapter. So...because I already know what I'm doing for it, the next chapter will be up REALLY soon!!

No jokes....I'll be uploading like tonight or something;-) xx So look out for it!!

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