Sweetest of the Sweets

Revenge is sweet when you want to hurt the ones that you love. Ariana's betrayal leaves her hungry for it. To hurt him.
That sugercoated knife will take a plunge for sweetness stopping at nothing short of pain.


3. Miss Unidentified

Rhys's POV

"Dude, do you think it's her?" I asked Kieran after showing him the letter that was sent yesterday.

"It's her." he answered. "But I dont know why your sweating it." he slapped me on the back, reassuringly. "Ariana would never hurt a fly, let alone you."

His supposedly "bolstering" speech had the opposite effect on me. When I pushed her down at that party, she looked hurt and wounded. In her sorrowful gaze I could feel her agony. It was painful.

It wasn't helpful that ever since then Ariana hasn't been at school. A whole year.

It made me think of what she was planning.

Have you wondered how it feels to hurt like this?

Soft, soft whispers.

You will. You will...

The piercing bell obliterated the echoes in my head. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ariana's POV

It was refreshing to come back to school. Flowers streamed up the peach coloured walls, blossoming and beautiful.

It was warm. The glowing beams reflected off my face as I strolled through the doors of St. Anne High.

It's good to be back. The only difference was, I was no longer the fat girl.

With a whole year of diets and exercising every chance I could, I dropped several stone. After that ghastly party, I wanted to change. I was no longer happy with my body. I was sick of the taunting. I wanted to be noticed for something other than being the fat girl.

My mother supported me. Well, kind of. After she saw me burst threw the door crying that night, there was no doubt that she would do whatever she could to stop that from happening again. Although there was a bit of a discussion about school, but I agreed to be home schooled.

During the holidays, I visited my Aunt Lorna who lives right in front of the goergous beach, and I met tons of cute guys. I spent my weekends shopping and making new friends.

I was sick of the insults.

Striding threw the hallway, I had already captured the eyes of a few guys.

I was wearing a sapphire skirt reaching mid-thigh with a white top. Several accessories hung from  around my neck. My blue-gray shoes hit the floor as I paced to my locker.

"Smile, Ariana." I thought. "Keep your head up high."

I felt happy. I almost felt alive.


Rhys's POV

I began making sketched lines on the canvas with the blotchy dark blue paint. Clumps of the ink brushed against the canvas leaving a thick trail of uneven swirls.

You would have thought that on my tenth try to create one swirl, I would have perfected it. But that's not the case with this painting.

Throwing my paintbrush on the table in fustration, I grabbed a cloth to wipe my hand of excess paint.

"That's a nice picture, babe." I heard a candescant voice commend.

I looked up to see a familiar dainty face smiling. "Not really." I smirked.

"Well, it is pretty bad." she laughed. "What is your drawing supposed to be?"

"Umm," I frowned "It's supposed to be 'A starry night' by Van Gough. Main word being "supposed", because it looks nothing like it."

"What do you expect when you smother your paint brush it the paint?"

She picked up a clean brush from the cup then flicked the tip in the water and dabbed it into the blue.  Kneeling down next to my chair, she glided the brush over the page, creating a expert swirl. "Less is more." she added, smiling.

"Soo," I drew out the vowels and sat up on my chair. "What's your name and why haven't I seen you before?" I asked flirtatiously.

She looked stunned for a moment but then said "You'll know soon enough."

Standing up, she strode away. I watched as the girl with the dark sapphire skirt drifted.

-------------------------------------------------*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *----------------------------------------------

A/N Hey! LenaDuchannes here...Again:-)

There was a lot of swapping POV's today, and I just wanted to know whether or not it confused you. If it did, I'll try and make each POV longer. Maybe stick to 2 POV max for each chapter? Please let me know.

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