Sweetest of the Sweets

Revenge is sweet when you want to hurt the ones that you love. Ariana's betrayal leaves her hungry for it. To hurt him.
That sugercoated knife will take a plunge for sweetness stopping at nothing short of pain.


1. Wound of Betrayal

I felt a tingle settle in my stomach as I remembered it was mine and Rhys's one year anniversary today. It was hard to think that one year has passed already, yet me and my boyfriend were still going strong in our relationship. I can recall when he asked me out.

He recited a very sweet poem, it was the first time I had got asked out.

The fact that I hadn't been asked out before probably had something to do with my weight. I have always had a weight problem, although it never really fazed me as I was happy the way I was.

It still doesn't matter.

Rhys loves me just the way I am. As I love him.

Which is why I want our first anniversary to be special. I want it to be the night we'll never forget.


I strode to Rhys's car clutching my silver purse to my abdomen. My curly tawny hair was brushed up into a high pony, and my bright yellow dress swung of my shoulders reaching just above my knee. I found that wearing none-fitted dresses made me look classier and vibrant.

Reaching out and pulling the door open, I settled into the low seat of his car.

"Hey, babe." I greeted with a smile. I looked up into his eyes. The brown eyes that I love. Noticing, however that they seemed distant. "Anything wrong?"

He sighed, his eyes softening. "Hey, beautiful." he said winking, before leaning down and grazing his lips against mine. Lifting his head up, he started the car. Minutes passed and we sat in an unnatural silence, which was normally full of teasing and mocking.

This is most certainly not what I expected our anniversary to be like.

"So," I filled the silence "Where are we going?" I was excited to know where he was taking us. He always surprised me when it came to special occasions.

"A party." He said bluntly, his eyes focused on the road.


"Kieran's." I frowned. Kieran was Rhys's friend, and also known for some of the wildest parties ever.

"Why are we going to Kieran's?" I asked getting annoyed. "It's our anniversary, and we're going to a High School bash?!" My voice got higher through-out the sentence.

"Well, where else would we go?" He remarked flatly. He was obviously getting annoyed. Why? I do not know.

"For God's sake, Rhys." I muttered. "Anywhere else!" I shouted at him.

"I promised him I would go, so I am going, Ariana."

"So, where the hell am I going!" My pitch incredulous.

"What do you mean, 'where are you going' ?" he demanded.

"Well the only person I heard in that sentence was you!" I feigned his voice "I promised him I would go, so I am going." I scoffed at him, imitating his voice too low and guttural, emphasizing certain words.

"WE are going. Is that better?" He bellowed.

I stayed silent and scowled out of the window, watching our surroundings being swallowed up behind us. Well... this most definitely is a surprise. Not a good one, but it still left me bewildered.


Reaching the party, we stayed silent in the car. Several rowdy teenagers scrambled in front of the car holding bottles of alcohol screeching like a pack of bloody hyenas.

I glanced toward Rhys. His body was still and his jaw clenched. His brown eyes had turned dark and stayed gazing forward.

"Are we just going to stay here?" I asked in a hushed voice "Or are you going to go in there so you can keep your promise to Kieran?"  He turned his head and glared at me.

Pushing the door open he climbed out of the car and slammed the door then stalked towards a group of girls.

It was bound to happen sometime. Our arguments had always been a minimal. The "kiss and make up" kind of fights that never got too out of hand, but now we were commemorating our relationship with a major fight.

Great timing, a bit uncanny if you ask me.

This fight wouldn't turn into a break-up, would it? What was this fight even about? Me wanting to go out for dinner instead of being surrounded by a load of drunken sluts and and perverts.

Well, whatever was going on, I didn't want to happen at this party. Not beset by the entire school population. Firstly, it would be embarrassing and secondly, it's none of their damn business.

I got out of the car, and joined a group of girls that sat near the door with bottles of beer in their grasp. I vaguely knew them, but I barely knew anyone. The girls glanced at me but never took any notice. No one wants to be friends with the fat girl. Which is kinda crazy, because they don't even know me enough to make the assumption that I'm unlikeable.

When Rhys first asked me out, I thought it was some sort of a pathetic, unamusing joke. Sure, why don't you go and pick on the low-self esteem, over weight girl. So when he recited the poem to me in front of the whole class, which happened to be art, and popped the open question, I told him no.

Many sniggers were heard around the classroom, and I felt as though I was sinking in embarrassment.

"Why?" he asked me. I told him it was because I didn't find him attractive. If I was going to be rediculed, I at least wanted him to go down with me.

His cheeks went red, but his smoldering brown eyes made my heart beat faster. I had wished so bad that he actually wanted to date me.

"Well I find you attractive." he flattered.

"What do you find attractive about me." I asked him, my voice had tried to stay smooth, but faltered as soon as he smirked.

"Your hazel eyes," he pointed out and peered into my eyes. "Your soft chestnut hair," his delicate voice added whilst reaching out to tug at my ponytail that laid on my shoulder, "The way you don't care what anyone else thinks." And that was me thrown. I accepted and now a year had passed. ___________________________________________________________________________

I had been at the party at least an hour now sat in the chilling air, grasping a full cup of alcohol that I had not touched. I was bored, disappointed, cold and angry all at once and to make matters worse, I was alone.

I hadn't seen Rhys since he got out of the car in a huff. Honestly, I just wanted to find him and go home.

I stood, put the cup on the sturdy wooden table and made my way through the mounts of sweaty people grinding against each other in inappropriate ways. 

Heat coursed through my body and I started to get dizzy from the incessant loud music that vibrated through me. Faces seemed to duplicate, and I felt my knees tremble.

"Rhys." I whispered, then I collapsed into a pair of arms.

"Eww," A revolted voice sneered. "get off me, fatty." I was pushed to the concrete ground, hitting it with a searing thud. Pain spread through my arm. That was going to bruise.

I strained my eyes open to find the source of the comment, only to find the one person I most definitely didn't expect to see.

"Rhys?" I spoke in shock.

"Surprised?" He commented, a wicked smile gliding across his face. The banging caused by the music stopping instantly, and it was suffocating as people surrounded us.

"Why are you doing this?" I whispered, not able to project my voice, but he heard me and his dark eyes became darker.

"Why am I doing what?" he questioned knowingly, but after the silence he spoke again with a leer. "Did you really think I liked you...wait. Did you think I loved you?" He tilted his head back and blatantly guffawed.

"What was I to you?" I asked faintly, my mind numb and heart pounding.

"A bet." A shout came from behind Rhys. "I can't belive I won you at basketball!" Which was undoubtedly Kieran.

People say that hearts don't break, because if they did, you would be dead. But I think that's the point. You feel dead. You feel as though you are no longer on this world, that everything you ever loved you have left. You have transported to somewhere completely different. You have a different wave of thought, you feel no pain.

The last words I spoke to Rhys were asserted and full of hatred and promise. "Have you wondered how it feels to hurt like this?" As I gained more confidence, I plastered a fake smile on my face. It hurt.

"You will."

------------------------------------------- *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *-------------------------------------------

Hello! LenaDuchannes666 here;-) Just wanted to let you know that this is my FIRST book and that I enjoyed writing every bit of it and I hope you enjoyed reading it!!!

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