Shadows of the past

They lie in the shadows where no one can see.
The torture your soul as it struggles to set free.
They shall haunt you forever as they did
to me, Try to get out or they will kill thee.....


1. Death wish


They found him lying there in the hall way of the house, dead.

No one new how he died just rumours, some said he killed himself, others new that something dark was in that house, something that know one could explain. He was drenched in blood and his eyes were still wide open, looking up at the ceiling. There was no evidence that anyone in the neighbourhood had killed him. Most people were glad to have him gone, hardly anyone cared for the wretched man. But there in the house was where it all started, and it was there in the house when it ended. 2 Weeks Later.........

Thursday 12th June 1896

Two days after the dead body was found, the news was taken to the victims nephew and niece. Adelaide and her little brother, Zachary took the news rather smoothly. They, like everyone else around there, didn't seem to care. Mr Jonne was an only man and used to spend half his time threatening people for money and the other half selling beer. He usually paid others to do his jobs for him. "Master and Miss Jovo'e?" A man in a posh tuxedo walked up to them. They both nodded. The man straitened out his tie, ruffled his collar, coughed and began to speak.

"Your Uncle Jonne has passed away in a rather gruesome accident, and since Mrs and Mr Jovo'e, in other words you parents have passed too you have been given all of your Uncle Jonne's  property," The man then bowed took a long breath and cried in a shrill voice "Any questions?"


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