My Life in Chapters

This is about my life, but as a real piece of writing. I will take notes of significant events in my life, then transform them into creative writing. I have changed all names (but my own) for these people's safety.


3. Friday 10th August -R.I.P. Blue

I turned around to see my mother's face plastered with a fake smile, masking her serious expression. "Imogen, Dear," she muttered. 

"Yes?" I asked, genuinely worried.

"I haven't told Wilf yet, but Blue's gone to vet's with Daddy."

"And?" I questioned further. Blue had been my Grandfather's dog, but we had taken him on after Grandpa passed away. Blue was old, ill, and overweight. The only things that brought him pleasure in life were food, sleep, and cuddles. And now he was at the vet's, waiting for bad news.

"This, may be the end. I'm not saying anything, but just hope for the best and be prepared the worst, okay?"

"Yep," I muttered, but I knew one thing.

The worst was on its way.



"Edward wanted to be overlord of a Great Britain, but Scotland already had a king..." I mused, as I attempted a history essay on Edward I and the Conquest of Scotland. I was again interrupted when the phone rang in the kitchen. I darted out to get it, but was beaten to it by my Mother.

"Hello, Georgina speaking," she answered. "Oh, yes, hello Peter."

I sighed. It was my father. At the vet's.

I knew this could only be bad news.

"Yes, I understand. Well, it's the best thing to do." she muttered awkwardly. "I'll tell them now, then. No, no we won't come. Too morbid."

She turned to me, then went to the living room to find Wilf. I wasn't thick. I knew what was happening.

Blue was going to be put down.

I listened to the long, sad talk we had. I shed a few tears, then ran to find Molly, our other dog.

"I'll love you more then anything now, Moll." I muttered. "And you aren't going anywhere."


R.I.P. Blue. You may not be the prettiest angel in Heaven, but you will be the clumsiest and the most lovable. I hope you're happy now, sitting on granddad's ghostly knee, where neither of you feel pain. Rest In Peace for Ever More.

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