The Unknown

Scarlett Martin had the life of any other 14 year old girl until she met James in central Park on Halloween. He looked like a boy at first glance but the more h looked at her the stronger she felt, she felt a presence no boy had give her. She knew he had a secret hidden inside him. He`s not like any other boy. He is The Unknown.


1. The Meeting.

Scarlett walked through the deserted terrain of Central Park. It was nearly midnight on Halloween, the creepiest and craziest night of the year. Scarlett`s foil -like fairy wings dragged behind her. The heels of her ruby red shoes clicked violently against the pavement and her brown hair bounced behind her. She was alone. There were no sounds. The autumn winds that usually guide her were gone. The moon was hiding behind large trees that looked very creepy in the night. A loud cracking sound made her jump. She looked down. A brown branch was being crushed by her heel. She sighed and continued walking down the path.

"I wish Mum could see this. She would`ve loved this." she said to herself quietly. She looked forward. She froze. Her body was ridged and her face was startled. There was a boy in front of her. He had jet black hair that covered one of his eyes. His light blue eyes were frightened. His face was deadly pale and his cheeks had a tint of blue. He had a case in his hands; it looked like a guitar case. He looked petrified. Most people would`ve run off, but Scarlett didn`t. She felt his presence it was powerful and controlled, but had a tinge of fright to it. He suddenly stated sprinting away. Scarlett picked up the case. In scruffy writing it said "Property of James Grimshaw"

"Hey, you dropped your case!" she shouted. He stopped and looked at her. He had a hopeless look on his face. He then continued running. He disappeared into the distance after a few seconds. Scarlett stated to walk again

"I don`t know who this James Grimshaw guy is but I’m defiantly gonna find out." she said to herself. She kept on waling into the far distance. She never thought that awkward meeting would start something so terrifying and dangerous.


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