The Unknown

Scarlett Martin had the life of any other 14 year old girl until she met James in central Park on Halloween. He looked like a boy at first glance but the more h looked at her the stronger she felt, she felt a presence no boy had give her. She knew he had a secret hidden inside him. He`s not like any other boy. He is The Unknown.


2. The letter

The next day, all she could think about was that mysterious boy in the park.  She ran her index finger over the letters. He looked oddly familiar but she couldn’t remember where from. Was he in her Spanish class? Or English, he may`ve been from math class. She scanned every picture in her head to see if she could find him. Suddenly my door creaked open.

“Scarlett, there`s someone at the door for you.” Her mum said .She jumped off her bed and walked down the stairs. Scarlett looked up. It was James. He looked battered and bruised. He had a scratch mark on his cheek and his nose was red. He looked exhausted and faint. But Scarlett could still feel his presence; it was frightened and had no self-control.

“Hey, you found my guitar case yesterday night didn`t you? I just came to pick it up. Oh, and sorry if I scared you, the dark does that to people don`t it.” He said. He looked straight at Scarlett the whole time. His eyes were trying to tell her a story. She realised she`d been looking at him for ages. She looked down, trying to hide her obvious embarrassment. She shifted her feet.

“I`ll get it for you. Do you wanna come up?” Scarlett said smiling, acting like she known him for years. Scarlett walked up the stairs, James trudging behind. They got to her room she opened the door. When they were both in Scarlett turned around and looked at James. His jet black hair had tints of brown in the sunlight. He looked almost angelic. The bruise faded into his skin and the cuts were almost invisible... Scarlett could stare at him forever but she had to return to plant Earth before he thought she was mental.

“How did you find out where I live?” she asked a bit frightened just in case he stalked her. James looked at her surprised. He was obviously hurt by her comment

“Do you think I stalked you or something? `Cause I would never do that! I knew you lived here because I see you go into your house when I go to visit my mum and step-dad after school. Haven`t you seen me?” he asked gazing at Scarlett. She looked relived to know that he wasn`t a stalker. She smiled at him.

“That`s where I knew you from! Sorry about that. It`s just… when you see someone and Midnight at Central Park and then the next day they come knocking at your door you sort of get paranoid.” James laughed awkwardly. Scarlett picked up James`` guitar and gave it to him. He stroked the leather case softly. His presence had now changed. It was happy and sort of comforting. Scarlet opened her bedroom door and her and James walked down the stairs. Scarlett mum was waiting for them down stairs. James said goodbye to Scarlett`s mum and walked out the door. Scarlett`s mum looked at her smiling.

“No, mom he is not my boyfriend” Scarlett`s mum smiled at her again. Scarlett ran up the stairs into her room. On her bed was a letter. Scarlett opened it cautiously. It said: “Dear Scarlett, meet me at Central Park at 11pm. There`s something I need to tell you. Do not tell anyone From James” Scarlett smiled at the letter.

“I knew there was something different about James.” She put the letter under her pillow and skipped down to dinner.   

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