Perfect Choice

Sally is one of those extremely rare lucky people who are good at everything, fit in everywhere and are destined to go the farthest. But that all comes at a price, because over the years everyone has always made sure that she makes all the decisions for everyone, and even perfect people make mistakes. Really, really, big ones...


1. Two Days Before.

'Sally, Saaally, SALLY!' A gorgeous girl carrying a large satchel bag and a bottle of spring water turned her head as she walked to match the voice to a body and answer her name, and saw nothing but chatty girls and sweaty boys in the corridor. Slightly confused, she turned to look forward, bumping into her best friend Lisa, a kind and funny girl. 'Sally,' she panted. Running against the tide of people was tricky work for her. 'So I was talking to Alice who was talking to Gregor whose having a party, his place at eight on Friday to celebrate leaving the fourth year of our beloved secondary school, it's the hot topic of our whole year and it's going to be awesome, so wear something nice. Oops, got to go I'm late for a gross lecture about the anatomy, of a slug.  Right, see you on Friday!' She called as she ran to biology. "Typical," Sally thought, "just to spring something on me like that! But, that's what I love about her!"

    In History, Mrs Elm had a power-point about The French Revolution. Sally took notes, just like she usually did, but found it hard to concentrate with all the whispers humming about her head. 

'Sally's going, shes my hero, popular, but nice.'

'It's going to be amazeballs, when I got told, I almost wet myself, I'm so exited I'm shaking, look.'

'OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGOD! WhatamIgoingtowearwhatifIdosomethingstupidwhosegoingAAAAAAHHHH!'

As she left the classroom, waved goodbye to everyone and started to walk home she smiled, and thanked god for the life she had been given.

Her mother greeted her with a note explaining that they needed milk and she would be home by four. Sally went on her computer, practice her dance routines and did some homework. Unknown to her, the perfect life she had was going to change, permanently, and she could not do anything about it because Sally, was going to ruin her own life, because of one, choice.

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