Perfect Choice

Sally is one of those extremely rare lucky people who are good at everything, fit in everywhere and are destined to go the farthest. But that all comes at a price, because over the years everyone has always made sure that she makes all the decisions for everyone, and even perfect people make mistakes. Really, really, big ones...


2. One day Before.

Sally lived in a small town called Stonehaven in Scotland and the closest city was Aberdeen. She and her friends would go there to shop, socialize and eat. So the day after she had been invited, Sally, Lisa and their other best friends, Sophie and Darren (the gayest boy ever) met at the train station to find outfits just as the train halted with a deafening shriek as metal rubbed against metal. Laughing, they all ran into the train and took up their usual spot, where you're supposed to put luggage at the end of the carriage. Sally made a joke, Lisa did rubbish impressions, Sophie did the worm and Darren was funny because, well, just because. Half an hour later, the gang were already trying shoes, scanning racks and uncovering bargains. Sally then noticed something 'Guys, where's Lisa?' Darren mumbled something a long the lines of 'I don't know', but it ended up sounding like 'IIIna' and Sophie shrugged, still staring at some gorgeous shoes that were less than a fiver. As if fate were watching, Sally suddenly got a call from Lisa. 'Thank god,' Sally said into the phone 'I was worried!'     

     In a cafe at the other end of the shopping centre, Lisa was holding hands with a boy called Jed, who was twenty-three, eight years older than Lisa.

'Yeah, I met him in the new look, our eyes met and that was it, we just came to have a snack and chat. Uh-huh. Yeah he's um, a bit older than me. Add another couple of years. Double it. Wha-, I'll talk to you later.' Lisa hung up, her eyes looking at the boy in front of her. 'Jealous much?' A laugh was born in her vocal cords. And then another, and another

Sally and co. (minus Lisa) got on the train three hours later, all ready for the next night. It had been awkward for a while about Lisa, but suddenly everything erupted to the surface. Sophie and Darren listened to the 'Who does she thinks she is?!' and the occasional 'He sounds dangerous.'

       That night Sally promised herself  that she would try not to think about it to much, and then talk to Lisa in the morning. If she thought that was the first bad decision her friend would make, she was in for a wild time, at Gregor's house, eight sharp, on Friday.

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