Perfect Choice

Sally is one of those extremely rare lucky people who are good at everything, fit in everywhere and are destined to go the farthest. But that all comes at a price, because over the years everyone has always made sure that she makes all the decisions for everyone, and even perfect people make mistakes. Really, really, big ones...


3. On that day.

Sally sighed, she looked beautiful, pure perfection, and couldn't help but gaze upon herself in the mirror. She ran her fingers down her body, over every curve or straight, smoothing down the silky fabric.  Her midnight-blue dress was a great find. It had slim straps, a fitting top half and then a big skirt, just below the knee but with skirts underneath, making it larger. Her heels slightly hurt her feet, but were so gorgeous Sally kept them on despite it. Her strawberry-blond, wavy hair was loose and unstyled. For the final time, Sally checked herself, grabbed her bag and coat before leaving at seven forty'five on the dot. 

     Fifteen minutes later, Sally was removing her coat in the corridor of a big, crowded house that smelt of candles and alcohol. She began to make her way into what seemed to be a living room. That's when it all started.

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