Just Hope

Amy is a happy, bubbly 13 year old girl, much loved my everyone and adored by her quiet friend hope. Amy suddenly gets ill and things become hard for Hope, With Amy in hospital she doesn't know what to do with herself.


5. School

I had to go a whole week without Amy, she was at home because of her therapy. It was pure hell. I sat on my own all through lunch and break and watched the other children being happy around me. She was going to be fine! I didn't know why I was worrying so much. 

'Hey! look at Hope all sat on her own!' I heard someone shout behind me.

'Loner!' people started to laugh, I just kept my head down.

'Aw, where's Amy?'

'Probably decided to ditch her loser emo friend Hope, who'd want to be friend's with her!?'

I jumped to my feet. 'You shut up okay?'

They all laughed again and ran off. I hated them. They were a small group of people in the year above. Amy would sort them all out when she got back, I knew she would. Still hurt from the words I feebly reached in my pocket for my picture of us.

'I love you Amy!' I whispered.

'And I always will.'

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