Just Hope

Amy is a happy, bubbly 13 year old girl, much loved my everyone and adored by her quiet friend hope. Amy suddenly gets ill and things become hard for Hope, With Amy in hospital she doesn't know what to do with herself.


3. Lump

The next day at school it was P.E. Amy loves P.E. I hate it, I can't play sport to save my life. When we were in the changing rooms, getting our kits on, I notised a lump on Amy's thigh. "Whats that?" I asked

She looked down "I don't know, probably a bite of some sort."

She carried on getting changed, I still frowned in worry. "What?" She snapped. "Stop looking at me like that."

"Sorry." She sounded like she was worried herself, her voice was soft and shakey. I disided to leave it. The day felt very long and boring, double maths and triple science. I couldn't concentrate propely, the image of the lump on Amy's thigh stayed in my head.  I got home that night and cried, I couldn't stop crying. I wondered if I should tell someone, or just leave it. I left it.

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