Just Hope

Amy is a happy, bubbly 13 year old girl, much loved my everyone and adored by her quiet friend hope. Amy suddenly gets ill and things become hard for Hope, With Amy in hospital she doesn't know what to do with herself.


2. Forever

When we got to Amy's house we found our little pink friendship book and started writing songs we made up. We always make up songs and poems, about anything. We had pizza for tea and then when it was time for me to go I gave her a big hug. I love Amy with all my heart, I know I can trust her with anything and everything. I always feel more confident when I'm with her. She has a lot of friends, most of them can't stand me because I'm so quiet and they think I'm weird. I don't even care when Amy's around. When I got home I ran straight to my room and listened to music. Me and Amy have complety different music tastes. She likes pop music thats in the charts, like One Direction and Rihanna. I hate chart music. I prefere rock music that came out a couple of years ago, like My Chemical Romance and Evanescene. I like them because there music makes me think.

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